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About DaggerFoil Group

Technical advisors helping Private Equity Firms grow technical investments with confidence. We turn opportunities into action and guide clients toward success.
Meet Daggerfoil Group: We specialize in buy-side, sell-side, carve-outs, and mergers.

Enabling Growth with Technology

Like the namesake innovation that tripled sailboat speed in the American Cup, DaggerFoil Group is leading the next frontier in Technical Due Diligence with focus on speed and quality!

The DaggerFoil Group supports our clients in reducing risk and maximizing return on investment, through buy-side or sell-side Technical Due Diligence and Value Creation.

With Value Creation, our team of experienced private equity-minded software professionals have mastered the art of understanding and creating value for portfolio companies through engineering, technology cost reduction, and talent augmentation.

After leading Technical Due Diligence and Value Creation on many deals, our team understands the science of matching investment strategies to technical investments & identifying key technology value levers.

As trusted advisors with over 20 years of experience, our team provides the expertise to our clients so that the right technology investments are made while enabling technology growth and quality engineering with on-time delivery and the highest levels of quality.


Our commitment is simple. We translate the power of technology into actionable business strategies by assessing and aligning people, processes, and technology to enhance client value.

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